I'm a Fine Artist, based in London and West Dorset, where I have a studio. 

I studied at Chelsea College of Art, (Fine Art) and continued my practice in London upon graduating.

I was part of a band for many years, The Duke Spirit, playing guitar, extensively touring Europe and the US, producing the visual identity of the band's artwork sleeves, posters. 

After leaving, I continued my painting practice, refining my style and exploring what excited me about painting. 

I'm fascinated by the play of colours, juxtaposition of light and dark and capturing something solid about an object or person. 

I'm interested in bold opaque colours, truthful and figurative, but with enough expression to give the painting life. 

I love portraiture and have completed a number of commissions.

Aside from that, I still have a wishlist in my head of portraits which I like to pursue when I can 

I grew up in Bridport, west dorset and now work from a studio there, enjoying the countryside, sea  and art community there. 

Email: mrdhiggins@gmail.com

Phone: 07782131389